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DIY Personalized Wall Art

Big, bold initials are often seen in decorator magazines as wall art, and they’re perfect in almost any room of your house, but the price tag for even a single letter is usually pretty steep.

Vanessa from offers a tutorial on how to create expensive-looking art from a few inexpensive materials. In Vanessa’s version, 8-inch paper mache letters were purchased at her local craft store along with decorative scrapbook papers. She painted the sides of the letters with different colors of acrylic craft paint. The letters were then duplicated and cut from the scrapbook paper she chose. The paper was then decoupaged on top of the paper mache letters. Once the letters were dry, she trimmed the paper and filed the edges smooth with a nail file.

Finally, one more coat of the decoupage medium was painted on the letters to seal them and give them a nice finish.

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