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Multi-Panel Mirror for the Dining Room

Usually a large mirror denotes a large price tag.

However, MJ from Cupcakes & Hammers shows that doesn’t have to be the case!

MJ had previously made a huge paneled mirror to go on the mantel in her old house and loved it so much that she made a slightly smaller one for the dining room in her new house.

The beveled mirrors MJ used can be found in a pack of six at Target, and MJ says this projects is simple enough that anyone can do it!

Pottery Barn Knock Off Eagan Mirror ~ This multipanel mirror is made using beveled edge mirrors from Target and is simple enough that anyone can do it!

MJ was inspired by the Eagan Mirror from Pottery Barn.

Eagan Multi-Panel Mirror from Pottery Barn

Go to Cupcakes & Hammers for the tutorial.

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