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Oversized New York Map on Pallet Wood

Joan from Scavenger Chic is a lover of all things Pottery Barn and can’t help but get excited when she sees an items that looks like it’s made from pallet wood. For Joan, it’s just a big old invitation to knock it off! That was the case with Pottery Barn’s planked wood map of Manhattan. The trickiest part was finding a high quality map to print, but Joan found one that can print up to eight feet without sacrificing quality, and even shares her source! Then it was just a matter of printing and adhering it to pallet wood. This is the epitome of creating large, eye-catching wall art on a dime, my friends!

DIY Wall Art ~ Find out how to make your own oversized map of New York just like Pottery Barn's using your printer and a pallet!

Joan was inspired by the Planked Manhattan Sign from Pottery Barn.

Planked Manhattan Sign from Pottery Barn

Go to Scavenger Chic to find the map Joan used and follow her detailed tutorial.

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