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DIY Macrame Plant Hanger for Summer


Photo credit: L- HIMO ART for Urban Outfitters Plant Hangers; R- Hot for Houses Easy DIY macrame plant holder

Macrame is a beautiful way to spice up any DIY garden project for the upcoming summer and Urban Outfitters has the perfect display on offer for your growing succulents.

With its intricate knots and simple chic look, this planter design can be used in any garden or front door step.

Lin Koh of Hot for Houses has made an affordable solution using household materials- just a roll of string, a plant pot(or course!) and some willing and patient fingers.

The result?

A natural and sustainable way to show off your hanging baskets for a fraction of the price.


Here are 10 Top Tips for creating and hanging your own plant hanger:

  1. String works well with intricate designs but if you want something bolder, chunky rope will do the trick!
  2. Don’t stick to one colour scheme. You can always use different coloured mediums, for example, bright coloured jersey material- just make sure to tie your knots extra tight! Brit and Co have a great example here.
  3. Jazz up your knots further by adding finishing embellishments such as wooden beads or gold jewellery trinkets.
  4. For a bolder look, why not spray your rope with metallic spray paint?
  5. Got more than one plant? Don’t be afraid to play with different plant holder lengths to instantly make your wall plant display more interesting.
  6. Try adding interesting materials to the surface of your soil like crystals, pebbles or stones.
  7. Hanging vines are the best type of plants for this display- the longer, the better!
  8. If you have excess rope, why not make the ends into tassels? My Little Sunshine House made plant holders with a similar look.
  9. Just because this is a garden item, doesn’t mean they have to stay outside. Your planters can easily be hung in a corridor or entryway or in the kitchen over a centre island. If you make mini planters, maybe you could hang them as decor in your study or bedroom?
  10. Use a variety of different macrame knots to add some personality and variety to your baskets; you can learn 6 varieties here

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