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DIY Lamp Makeover

One of the most important decorating element in your home is lighting. Often, it is difficult to find the right size and the right color for a particular room, and when you do, it often comes with a huge price tag. Brooke from anastasiavintage shows us how to take a thrift store lamp and create the perfect touch for any decor.

Brook’s tutorial has a complete supply list as well as detailed photos to guide us through the process of making over a thrift store find. Because Brooke started with a lamp base from her local thrift store, the most expensive element of this project was the lampshade. After she covered the cord and the socket to keep them clean, Brooke used a texture spray paint to paint the lamp base.

Once the several coats of paint were dry, Brooke used a dry brush technique and white paint to add the accent color.

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