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21 Inspiring Ideas for a DIY L-Shaped Desk

L shaped desk thistlewoodfarms

These days, it’s common to work from home. Having an efficient workspace that allows you to fully utilize an available area is essential. 

Having a workplace that reflects your personality and style will inspire and energize you creatively.

Creating your own DIY L-shaped desk makes the most of the area and offers more surface space while placing everything in reach. Combining two L-shaped desks makes for a perfect two-person workspace.

Ready-built corner desks from retailers are expensive and won’t always fit your room. It can also be hard to find one that suits your style and needs. 

Creating an efficient but personal workspace isn’t as hard as you think.

Have a look at the 21 ideas below and see if any spark your interest.

1. Fun and Functional

This design is easy to build to your own specifications for use in any room.

It’s a fun little design that you can brighten up with the right color.

See the pin from Paul Steward that also includes the plans from Ana White to build this desk. 


2. Curved Corner Desk with Shelves


These L-shaped desks with shelves are easy to make from wood and offer a curved top, cabinet shelf, and corners set in two tones.

You can add details and personal touches.

You can also easily make cheap L-shaped desks by selecting cheaper wood such as pine.

3. DIY L-shaped Recycled Desk

These sturdy and eye-catching DIY L-shaped workstation desks have an industrial look with a modern twist.

The creation of this masterpiece involves welding the frame and cutting the recycled wood to size.

The frame and wood can also be purchased and assembled. You can then stain the wood and paint the frame to taste.


4. The Classic Look


This very novel and highly functional design allows the L-shaped desk to be in the middle of the room.

It offers a lot of space and freedom of movement.

You can recycle old kitchen tables to create a funky but classic look.

5. Dark Walnut Computer Desks with Keyboard Tray

Dark Walnut Computer Desks with Keyboard Tray

This desk is available at Homedepot and will require assembly.

These L-shaped desks with storage are by Welwick Designs. L-shaped desks with file cabinets like these are eye-catching and come with a keyboard tray. 

6. The Rustic look

The Rustic look

Rustic L-shaped desks for home offices are DIY projects begging to happen.

This classic design by The Rustic Barn is detailed in the homemade L-shaped desk plans available on their website.

You can build this country Style L-Shaped Computer Desk or similar quickly and make it your own.

7. Sleek Bedroom Space

Use the corner in your bedroom to create a private and modern workspace.

This easy-to-create look can be complemented by your style in décor to complete your bedroom design. 

Sleek Bedroom Space

 Visit for more ideas.

8. Transform Your Desk

Batley L Shape Desk

This fantastic L-shaped desk with drawers involves selecting and joining two suitable tables in a corner.

Cover them with the surface of your choice and you can even slide matching drawers under the ends. 

9. Practical and Fabulous

Mount wooden or granite kitchen countertops to the wall and use shelving or drawers underneath.

Kitchen countertops come in all designs, are easy to clean and durable. 

practical desk

10. Lots of Storage Space

Use drawers as desk legs with kitchen countertops to create a functional and affordable desk.

Add shelves to the walls above for a professional look while increasing your storage and filing space.

Lots of Storage Space desk

11. DIY L-Shaped Desk for a Budget Office

This idea is entirely dependent on the size of your wallet.

Put your puzzle building to the test to create a desk from pipes and joiners.

You then select your desktop and mount it to the wall.  


12. Farmhouse DIY L-Shaped Computer Desk

These easy to create DIY L-shaped computer desks offer a farmhouse look and feel.

The entire desk is built out of 2x4s and 2x6s and is ideal for experienced and aspiring DIY practitioners.

It’s cost-effective and sturdy but also modern—the perfect combination.


13. Spacious and Functional

The exciting use of pipes to create the desk legs makes for a light but sturdy desk that complements most décor.

Any desktop can be utilized from glass to wood to match your taste.



14. Brighten the Room


Use two tables and a countertop to create this great look in any room.

Incorporate color and detailing to make it your own. 

15. Classic Wood


Create this classic design by using a sleeper or other recycled wood.

Use sturdy logs for the legs, finish the design with wooden stools, or modernize it with office chairs. 

16. Pallet Design

  Pallet corner desk

Use pallets to create this interesting L-shaped desk.

This simple design can be very cost-effective and allows for extra storage space underneath. 

17. Build a Wood Plank Desktop


This makeover by involved ripping off the old and damaged desktop and replacing it with newly stained wooden planks.

Repaint the desk and add decorative handles to finish the look.

18. Light and White

L shaped desk thistlewoodfarms

Thistle Wood Farms does some incredible makeovers.

Their latest offers fantastic ideas on incorporating a countertop attached to the wall next to a bookshelf to create L-shaped desks with a hutch. 

19. Window Facing

L shape computer desk home

See more about this idea here.

If your only open space is in front of a window, don’t despair.

Creating an L-shaped desk mounted to only one wall will solve your dilemma.

Leave enough space to enjoy the view and maneuver the curtains if you use them.

20. Floating L-Shaped Desk

Creating an L-Shaped desk without legs creates an open, modern look. 

The pipe supports are mounted under the desk.

This desk can be used for gaming, office work, or as a workbench.

wall mounted corner desk chris c

Idea by Christopher as shared by Simplified Building.

21. Split level L-shaped desk

urban good woods

These DIY L-shaped gaming desks promoted on Etsy feature a split-level design that allows you to sit or stand while playing your favorite games.

Avoid backache during those long campaigns by standing for a while without having to interrupt your gameplay.

Making your own L-shaped desk is ideal for all DIY workspaces from your home office to your hobby room.

Purchasing the ideal desk is not always feasible, and often the hardest part is finding the perfect idea to create your own DIY project.

We hope you found some ideas and inspiration here.

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