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Kitchen Island From An Old Bookcase

Every kitchen can use some extra storage as well as extra workspace. Ashley from littleglassjar shows us her genius method of turning an old bookcase into a beautiful and useful kitchen island.

This is a project that is relatively quick and easy and inexpensive. The bookshelf Ashley converted was a dark finish, so she first used a spray primer to ensure the finishing paint would adhere. She then removed the back paneling so the shelves would be open. To finish the sides of her bookcase, Ashley created a shiplap look with plywood.  Several coats of paint later, the project was ready for the work surface top. For this, Ashley used a piece of plywood which she stained in a dark finish and secured to the top of the bookcase with liquid nails.

The final island is a beautiful addition to her kitchen and has a distinct farmhouse flair. The bookcase you choose for this project can be any size that will fit into your personal decor.

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