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DIY Kate Spade Spotted Bowl Vase

Holly from Borei Design, like so many of us, loves Kate Spade. So when she saw the beautiful Pearl Place Rosebowl, she had to have one. But with a $75 price tag, Holly was pretty sure she could make her own. Luckily she found a cool fishbowl shaped vase at the dollar store that was almost identical to the shape of the designer vase. After Holly rushed home with her treasure, she used some enamel paint to create the beautiful gold spots and then heat-treated the glass to help the paint set.

This is Holly’s finished vase.


This is the Kate Spade version. I can hardly tell the difference!


Head over to Borei Design to see the full tutorial.

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Borei Design

Thursday 1st of September 2016

Awww! Thanks for sharing, guys. I'm super happy how it turned out. When I first thought about doing it I thought it would be a lot more difficult. It's surprisingly easy and quick. Hope your reader's enjoy and thanks again! :)

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