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DIY Industrial Shelving From Pipes

Do you have a need for shelving but are reluctant to simply purchase the same old wooden bookcases from your local home improvement store? Traci at Beneath my Heart was inspired by industrial shelving she saw online. She decided to use black iron pipes to construct a wall of shelving in her son’s room.

She varied the length of the pipes up and down the wall to create different sized spaces between the wood shelves. Because the pipes are screwed into the wall at each elbow, the shelving is very sturdy. Although this project was done specifically for a boy’s room, the possibilities for constructing a wall of shelves anywhere in your house is endless.

DIY Industrial Shelving from pipes

Consider using galvanized pipe instead of black for the structure and painted wood instead of unfinished for the shelves, and you have a completely different design element for your room. These simple and contemporary units can be used in almost any room of your home.

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