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DIY Glitter Coasters

Tia from Farm Girl Fabulousness loves both all things Kate Spade and all things glitter, so she went crazy when Kate Spade came out with glitter coasters! Unfortunately, $35 for a set of coasters is a little steep, so Tia set out to DIY her own. Since Tia was creating these coasters for Valentines Day, she used only red glitter in her DIY version, but you could use any color or a crazy mix like the designer original. Tia used a mason jar lid as the base of her coasters, to keep the glitter contained, and added a small slice of cork and sprayed it all with Modge Podge to seal it.

This is Tia’s finished coaster- so sparkly!

kate spade inspired coasters

These are the Kate Spade originals

kate spade glitter coasters

Click over to Farm Girl Fabulousness to see Tia’s full DIY tutorial!

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