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DIY Farmhouse Finished Table

Now and again when you look around your house, you’ll see a piece of furniture that is in need of refinishing. You could strip it down and apply a stain, or you could do what Jenni from rootsandwingsfurniture did and give it a fresh farmhouse finish.

In her tutorial, Jenni explains exactly how she refinished two end tables with a totally new look. Jenni provides detailed photos of the step-by-step process of transforming the end tables, and she warns us against making some of the same mistakes she made during the process. Painting the base of the tables is the first step, and then she sanded off the tops of the tables. Helpfully, there is s link to Jenni’s tutorial on creating a faux barn wood finish to almost any wood.

The key to duplicating the finish Jenni created is in understanding the layering techniques she used. The final product is truly an elegant farmhouse look.

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