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DIY Entry Console

Where do you put your keys, mail, hats, and scarves when you walk in the front door? Do you just have one crowded and disorganized place to stow important things? Allison from has created a beautiful and functional entryway console using two unfinished chests of drawers.

Although she used two for her large entrance, the same effect can be achieved using only one if that fits your space better. Once she put the chests together, Allison used wood putty to fill in the holes left by the knobs that came with the chests because she wanted to upgrade with new hardware.  She then pre-drilled holes for the new hardware. After staining and distressing the top, Allison added a coat of spray poly to protect the surfaces. Once the poly was dry, she used steel wool to smooth it out.

Finally, Allison added a stained scrap of wood between the two chests to create the illusion of one piece of furniture.

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