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DIY Decorative Orbs in Five Simple Steps

I am sure you are no stranger to the decorative orbs that are often seen adorning mantels, shelves, and tabletops.

Leanne Lee aka “The DIY Diva” shows how simple they are to make for a fraction of the cost using embroidery hoops, which are inexpensive and readily available at craft stores.

Plus, it only takes five simple steps! Leanne Lee says, “How easy was that?

Now you have your very own West Elm Orbs that you’ve made for a fraction of the cost and in a color that will match your home decor.”

DIY Home Decor ~ Make decorative spheres just like those from West Elm using embroidery hoops! It's easier than you think!

The original inspiration came from the Veneer Sphere from West Elm.

Veneer Sphere from West Elm

Get the complete tutorial at The DIY Diva.

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