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DIY Drop Down Desk

If you or your kids are in need of a desk for doing any sort of homework or bill paying, and you don’t have space for yet another piece of furniture, check out what Jenna from rainonatinroof created.

Using no floor space at all, she built a wall-mounted drop down desk that is functional and beautiful. Jenna gives a complete supply list for this project as well as a cut list for all the pieces. Her step-by-step instructions for constructing the desk are clear, and there are numerous photos that detail the entire process. Jenna used magnetic latches on the drop down frame and the lid of the desk, so the overall look is very clean. The paint job she did on the front of the desk is colorful and whimsical, but of course, the finishes can also be elegant and classic if you choose.

This project can easily be adapted to any wall space you have available.

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