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DIY Crate Storage

Is there anyone of us who doesn’t need more storage space, especially in a kid’s room? Amy from hertoolbelt offers a simple project that will help to eliminate clutter in a kid’s room or anywhere else in your house.

DIY Crate Storage

Her easy crate leaning shelf can be assembled in a short amount of time with supplies that are readily available for anyone. Amy provides us with a complete supply list as well as the cutting instructions for the 1 X 3 boards she uses for the project. Her diagrams are really helpful as are the detailed photos she offers to accompany the step-by-step instructions. The shelving is designed to be leaning against a wall which provides space for the crates to be mounted and sit straight against the legs.

DIY Crate StorageAmy’s exact measurements assure that the slant of the legs will accommodate the depth of the crates. Amy’s project was painted white, but choose any color that suits your decor.

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