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DIY Coffee Station

Are you a big coffee drinker? Do you own more coffee mugs than you should? If this is you, then you’ll want to see what Nicole from theinspiredhive did to control her coffee essentials.

The relatively small supply list will have you figuring out just where to put your creation in no time at all. A three drawer unfinished dresser became the inspiration for this beautiful coffee bar. Nicole stained the drawers of the dresser a rich brown color, and she used disposable cloths for this job which made it so much easier than using a brush or roller. Next, Nicole painted the base and top of the dresser a flat black, and because the piece was unfinished to start, she simply used a paint with a primer built in.

Black cup pulls were then added to the fronts of the drawers, and the drawers were filled with coffee essentials.

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