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DIY Child’s Kitchen Stove

What child doesn’t like to play in a kitchen designed and built specifically for her size? Jamison from rogueengineer has created a child’s kitchen complete with a sink and stove.

DIY Child's Kitchen Stove

This is not a project for a rank beginner, but with a detailed supply and cut list as well as a video, this tutorial can be a project any parent can complete and be proud of. The illustrations and photos in this tutorial are detailed and show exactly how each step should proceed. There is also a free downloadable PDF that is offered in the tutorial. The oven is built from wood and has a backsplash as well as being mounted on feet to replicate a farmhouse oven.

There is even a working oven door and knobs to turn and a rack to hang utensils. Jamison even supplies a list of accessories for the stove such as a child-sized cookware set.

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