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Vintage Industrial Chalkboard Shelf

Scott from Saws on Skates was inspired by a chalkboard shelf from Ballard Designs and knew he could knock it off for way less than $159. Scott’s shelf is nearly identical to Ballard’s, featuring the same crate-like design, metal-strapped corners, and chalkboard back. Scott says, “Not only is it attractive, but it’s really easy to make!”

Ballard Designs Knock Off Chalkboard Shelf with FREE Building Plans

Scott was inspired by the Oxford Chalkboard Shelf from Ballard Designs.


Go to Saws on Skates for the free building plans.

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Workbench Question, Chalkboard Feature and more Printed Plans

Tuesday 12th of April 2016

[…] Chalkboard Feature Last week I shared new plans for the DIY Ballard Designs Knockoff Chalkboard Shelf. The original retails for $159, but using the free plans, you can knock it off at a fraction of the cost! I’m so excited because the shelf was featured on Knock Off Decor! You can see the DIY Ballard Designs Knockoff Chalkboard Shelf on Knock Off Decor here. […]

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