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Black and White Abstract Wall Art

When Melaine from My Sweet Savannah saw an abstract black and white canvas in the Wisteria catalog, she couldn’t help but think how simple it would be to knock off.

And it just so happened that she had a canvas sitting around. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a little DIY wall art to me! Melaine painted the canvas white, sketched on the “swooshes,” and then lightly went over them with black paint.

It’s no wonder Melaine thought about titling this project “the world’s easiest knockoff!”

DIY Wall Art | Wisteria Knock Off Abstract Art ~ All you need is a canvas and black paint to make your own eye catching abstract art!

Melaine was inspired by the Expressionism Abstract Art from Wisteria.

Read more about Melaine’s DIY abstract wall art at My Sweet Savannah.

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