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For Day to Dinner Table Makeover

Tired of your shabby chic table and want to make it over to more a modern, traditional table instead? Lauren from Bless’er House transformed a large dining table from shabby chic to modern traditional. Not for the faint of heart, Lauren explains it took her three days to remove all of the paint.

One of the tips she shares is to use a heat gun on the edges of the table to avoid sanding off the edge. Her detailed instructions explain how she applied a wood conditioner, the stain, and a sealer. The overall appeal of this project is the fact that it is not too difficult to do if you are new to furniture makeovers. If you plan to do more than one furniture makeover an investment in a belt sander would be wise.

Lauren’s table looks beautiful with the dark top and DIY cream painted table legs. The table looks great with her modern decor. Tired of shabby chic? Try this project to transform your table.

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