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5 Interior Design Tips for Waterfront Property Homeowners

property near sea

It’s no wonder that waterfront property is one of the most desirable traits for homeowners.

Living near the water has the power to boost your health and lower stress levels.

It also has a significant impact on a home’s value and design characteristics.

Homes with harbor, ocean, or lake views influence the interior design of the property.

So, what are the best ways to highlight the home’s unique waterfront location?

Read on for 5 design tips to make the most of waterfront living.

1. Take in the Views

sea view living room

It’s no secret that a home on the water will cost you more. You can even expect to pay 46% more for a home with waterfront views.

Since you’re paying for it, you want to ensure the best possible access to these views.

Having plenty of windows and doors throughout the home is one way to do this.

This way you can catch the sunrise over the water as you enjoy your morning coffee.

You’ll feel a nice breeze come off the water. It will also allow more natural sunlight into your living spaces.

High ceilings are another way to get the most from your impressive water views.

An open layout means you’re able to see the view from the living room, kitchen, and other seating areas.

The right furniture layout provides 360-degree views that won’t obstruct any windows.

Outdoor living spaces are an essential element of any waterfront property.

These features will allow you to better enjoy the many benefits of oceanfront living.

These large and airy spaces should flow effortlessly from inside to outdoors.

A large deck, back porch, or cozy balcony off a master bedroom are all ideal.

Another great design characteristic is to place an outdoor kitchen on the deck.

This allows you to cook and entertain alfresco, with a view. Be sure to feature water-resistant materials for outdoor furniture.

This includes cushions and outdoor rugs. You can play around with bold colors and durable materials for a unique look.

2. Embrace Coastal Colors and Textures

beach house interior

A light and breezy color palette will work well in any style of a waterfront home.

Get inspired with colors found in nature for your paint selections.

This includes light or vibrant blues, greys, greens, and tans.

Playful pastels, like mint and seafoam green, are other great uses of color.

Another fun idea is to use a coastal-themed or textured wallpaper in a powder bathroom or nursery.

Use a combination of crisp whites and coastal colors for cabinetry and countertops.

A light driftwood grey or whitewashed wood flooring will also complement the design.

Fabrics in the home should get inspired by coastal vibes.

This includes furniture upholstery, linens, window treatments, and rugs.

Some homeowners forgo window treatments all together to not obstruct any views.

For more privacy and added depth, layer your curtains, and blinds.

Go with flowy sheer curtains as not to take away from the views.

It helps to install your curtain hardware higher up toward the ceiling.

This adds more height and dimension to the room.

It’s more appealing when gazing out the windows at the water.

Play around with organic materials like jute, cotton, and linen.

Rattan furniture works well for kitchen island seating.

Hand-woven storage baskets offer style and function in the home.

3. Let Your Kitchen Set the Stage

kitchen with beach view

The kitchen is such an essential room in any home.

Yet a waterfront home can use this feature as inspiration for the kitchen’s design.

A beach house works best with a large open layout.

43% of all kitchens choose white for their cabinet color.

Many waterfront kitchens follow suit with an all-white design scheme.

This color palette keeps the space light and airy.

Then you can use design details to add color, texture, and character.

Using shiplap panels in the kitchen creates a coastal cottage vibe.

It offers a different texture for the walls while complementing white finishes.

Adding a cozy breakfast nook is also ideal for waterfront homes.

Place it in a sunny corner with built-in benches.

You can also use a small table with colorful chairs.

Open shelving and natural or white-washed woods are a great touch in a waterfront kitchen.

Enhance the space with beachy decor and coastal-inspired fabrics.

A bold lighting fixture works as a statement piece for hanging above the island.

4. Make It a Mix of Old and New

vintage wooden-shelf wall

The idea is to create a unique style that appeals to the home’s waterfront location.

Do this by using a mix of old and new finds to decorate the home.

This provides a comfortable and lived-in look.

Use a piece of driftwood or shells collected along the beach for decor.

Repurpose an old piece of furniture by painting it a playful beachy color.

Colorful Adirondack chairs are ideal for lake living.

A lake house can use rustic accents to enhance the home.

Check nearby antique shops for rare finds.

This includes nautical inspired artwork, like seascapes and sailboats.

You can even commission a local artist to create a one-of-a-kind piece for your home.

5. Rethink the Mudroom

spacious mudroom in beach house

The mudroom is an essential element of any beachfront house.

This space works to keep sand from getting tracked into the home.

It offers a spot to remove shoes and keep outdoor accessories organized.

Add in extra built-in storage features for items like beach towels and sunscreen.

Hooks are important for hanging sunhats, wet towels, and beach bags.

It’s smart to store your laundry machines here as well.

This way it’s easy to wash wet bathing suits and towels.

A small shower stall is another consideration.

This is great for spraying down sandy feet or your pets.

Be sure to choose a flooring material that can stand up to the amount of traffic and sand the room will get.

A high-quality vinyl floor can mimic the look of real wood. It needs little maintenance and is more water-resistant.

Enhancing Your Waterfront Property with Unique Design Elements

These 5 design tips will help you to get the most out of your waterfront property.

They will enhance your living spaces and add a nice touch of coastal style.

You’ll also create more comfort and convenience in the home.

Looking for more inspiration on decorating your waterfront home?

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