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Design Idea – Boldly Patterned Rugs

Rugs can really make a room. While they shouldn’t be the final piece of the decorating puzzle – instead, the room should be designed around them and the window treatments – they can really add another dimension to the finished space. Most rugs come in neutral colors that match just about any room, but there are some brightly colored and boldly patterned ones out there. Here are some examples of how they work in a variety of different spaces.

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A Wave-Patterned Rug

An orange patterned bold rug

A wave-patterned bold rug. Fresh Home

This wave-patterned rug works well in a room filled with other patterns, because it’s colors reflect all of the furnishings. The burnt orange shows up in the wallpaper and the knickknacks on the mantle, the taupe color matched the couch, and even the bright orange-red shows up in the patterned pillows sitting on the floor near the fireplace. Nothing in this room is overwhelming, not even the bold rug.

A Combination Blue and Green Rug in a Geometric Pattern

Blue and green bold rug

A blue and green bold rug. Fresh Home

This rug, which looks like part of an M.C. Escher drawing, consists of two colors – a grassy yellow-green and a soft sky blue. Because this one is split down the middle color-wise, the furnishings reflect both. The blue is picked up by a chair, and the green is reproduced in a couch and stool. All are very modern, which contrasts nicely with the rustic wooden floor.

An Orange Geometric Rug That Isn’t Halloween-ish

Orange and white bold rug

A white and orange boldly printed rug. Fresh Home

An orange rug in a room with black accents can very quickly veer into Halloween territory. This situation is prevented, thanks to the classic orange and white framed pattern on the rug. It’s in two shades of orange, but is still mostly white, which reflects the room’s trim. The orange is picked up by the objects on the shelves, and even the dark painting and the shelves themselves are more gray than black, keeping this room looking comfortable, not ready for a Halloween party year-round.

A Bold Floral and Vine Pattern

Floral print bold rug

A bold rug with a floral print. Fresh Home

If you look closely, you’ll see that most of the items in this room, from the wall color to most of the furniture, is designed to coordinate with the patterned curtains. The bold rug, in a contrasting shade of mossy green, seems like an afterthought. However, the chair on the left, with its overall floral pattern, pulls everything together.

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