Decorative Chunky Wall Shelf

Years ago Kristi of The Speckled Dog gave her husband a picture of a decorative ledge she’d torn from the pages of her Pottery Barn catalog. The clipping found a home in Kristi’s garage where it sat for four years until Kristi again asked her hubs when he might have time to make her one. Just a few hours later, Kristi was greeted with a ledge made from scrap molding and a few boards. Kristi took over there, finishing the ledge with a creamy white milk paint and giving it a gorgeous chippy finish. Sorry, Pottery Barn, but I totally like Kristi’s more!

decorative wall ledge

Kristi was inspired by the retired Decorative Ledge from Pottery Barn.

decorative ledge

Find more details at The Speckled Dog.

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