Curved Wood Headboard

Even if you aren’t too familiar with power tools and building from scratch, I think you will agree that this DIY headboard by Jaime from That’s My Letter is pretty simple. After creating a template of her design from craft paper, Jaime traced it onto MDF and used her jigsaw to cut it out. Beyond that it’s just a little sanding and painting. Really… how easy is that for a regal headboard your princess will adore?

curved headboard

Jaime was inspired by the Monarch Bed from Land of Nod.


Find the how-to at That’s My Letter.

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  1. So I really like the idea of making a headboard for my bedroom in my new home, but I’m at a loss for the rest of the bed – is it just on a regular metal frame that you would get at a furniture store? Those aren’t very comfortable and seem to not be as sturdy as a full bed frame with headboard. I was just wondering if you could shed some light! Thanks.