Curved Wood Headboard

Tricia from Little Cottage on the Pond had been wanting a dramatic curved wood headboard from Ballard for ages, but the price was way out of her comfort zone. Her husband took one look at the long-desired headboard and said he could make it for Tricia. The sweet guy was true to his word and got it right down to the last detail, even including the little birdie perched on the side!

Ballard Designs Claudette Headboard Knock Off | This is a great tutorial for cutting out a curved headboard from wood!

Tricia was inspired by the Claudette Headboard from Ballard Designs.

claudette headboard

You can see exactly how Tricia’s headboard was made at Little Cottage on the Pond.


  1. LindaSonia says:

    do you think her husband would come to my house and make one for me?!?!? pleasepleasepretty please??? That headboard he made is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! and I love how it’s framed by those windows behind it – Gorgeous

    • Ha! Gorgeous is right! 😉

      • Shirley Meckley says:

        I thought there was a tutorial on this site. Pinterest says so. If you have one I would love to have it.Shirley

        • Yes, Shirley, there is a tutorial; however, it’s on Tricia’s site Little Cottage on the Pond. Just click on it in the feature or the pic of the headboard, and it’ll take you right to it. Let me know if you need any more help!

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