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Instant Curb Appeal on a Budget: 7 Things You Can Today

Does the front of your home need a little sprucing up? Are you tired of it looking so plain or disheveled? There are some easy, and cheap, improvements you can make today.

Keep reading to learn how to add some curb appeal on a budget.

1. Update Your Front Door

One of the easiest updates you can do to the front of your home is to update your front door.

You can choose a subtle color that blends well with the rest of your home, or you can opt to mix things up and go with a bright, fun hue.

If you have a taupe house, consider a navy blue front door. If your home is gray with black or white shutters, perhaps a teal or red would not only coordinate but give a fun pop of color.


You can also add to your curb appeal by updating your front doors hardware. By updating the handle, knocker, or peephole, your door will become more eye-appealing and look fresher.

Refreshing your front door budget-friendly and can be completed in just a few hours.

2. Freshen Your Landscaping

When adding curb appeal to your home one of the most important things to do is keep your lawn manicured, the weeds pulled, and the plants trimmed.

If you have trees in the front yard, trim away any unsightly branches or remove the tree if it has died.

If you have bushes at the front of the house, trim them back so they don’t block your windows. Not only does this help add light into your home but it makes the front of your house look tidy and neat.

3. Refresh Your Surfaces

The front of your house should have a nice cleaning by pressure washing the dirt off the walls, clean the windows and gutters, the driveway and pathways. This will help spruce up the look of your home and add to their longevity with these great benefits.

You can also replace your old house numbers with a fresh new set in a different style. This is not only a fun change but is also very affordable to do so.

After revitalizing your surfaces you can add to your curb appeal by highlighting your trees and pathways with some landscape lighting.

This not only will help improve your safety at night but also adds a nice dramatic effect and increases your home’s nighttime appeal.

If you already have outdoor lighting, now might be a good time to replace it with fresh new outdoor solar lights that not only look great but can help you save on your energy bill.

4. Spruce Up Your Porch


You can create wonderful curb appeal by adding a nice sitting area on your front porch. Your new outdoor room should have a comfortable seating arrangement, some tables to place your cold beverage, and an outdoor rug to tie it all together.

The rug not only creates a softness to your outdoor area but encourages you and your guests to stay and linger longer.

A porch swing is also a great addition to the front of your house. A swing gives a sense of comfort and coziness and will have you enjoying lazy summer days sipping on some lemonade.

Add some planted containers to your porch and front entryway to help tie in the colors of your front door and porch seating area. This will help you create a focal point as well as add a nice final touch to the front of your house.

5. Front Yard Garden


If you have a large front yard with a lot of empty space you should create a gardening area to help add curb appeal.

To do this on a budget you can add a birdbath surrounded by some planted flowers and add a seating area with a couple of chairs and a small table. You can also replace your old mailbox with a newer one and plant some flowers around its base.

If you don’t have enough yard to plant a garden you can add some window boxes to your house’s front windows.

Window boxes can give a warm homey feeling to your house especially when overflowing with bright flowers that complement the color of your house.

Window boxes can be bought or you can build them yourself if you already have the materials making it a budget-friendly project.

6. Remove Garbage Cans

Nothing will ruin your curb appeal quicker than garbage cans that are left outside. You can store these inside your garage or if that is not an option, create an area on the side of your house where you can house them behind a fence.

You could also create the area next to the AC unit and hide it behind the fence as well. You can buy vinyl fence pieces for fairly cheap and it can cover up these ugly fixtures in no time.

Just be sure to leave enough space around your AC unit to circulate airflow and allow access room for when you need to maintain the unit.

7. Paint the Exterior


If you are looking for a dramatic update to the feeling of your home, nothing could be better than a new coat of paint.

You might decide to keep the same color and just freshen it up with a new coat or it might be time to have a little fun and change it entirely.

While you can choose any color you like, most homes look best with a neutral color that allows for accented pops of colors.

One of the most popular exterior paint colors is greige, which is a color that mixes gray and beige tones.

Paired with a bright front door, or accented with the outdoor seating area, it is sure to add the curb appeal you are hoping to get.

Learn More About How to Get Curb Appeal on a Budget Today!

These are some great ideas for how to get curb appeal on a budget. Some ideas are easy enough to do today, so what are you waiting for?

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