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Creative And Unique Fall Tablescapes

With autumn come cooler temperatures, colorful leaves that eventually fall off of the trees, and pumpkin spice everything. Plus, fall tablescapes. Yes, changing your table decor with the seasons keeps your home looking fresh year-round. You won’t have to look too far for inspiration for autumn, since muted colors and themed accents are everywhere.

Autumn tablescapes fall into several different categories, from the kitschy to the elegant. The main direction that you choose to go in depends on your overall decor, and what you want your table top to say about yourself. Are you an elegant person? Or are you one who enjoys absolutely everything that the season has to offer? Also, everyday tablescapes differ greatly from those set up for special events.


The example here is of an elegant tablescape, as it shows you the versatility that comes with decorating for the seasons.

Autumn tablescape

An example of an elegant autumn tablescape Belle Amour Designs

In order to turn this seemingly simple tablescape into something worthy of a fancy dinner party or event, add some metallic accents. The gold pumpkins, bronze candle holders, and silver bucket go perfectly with the woven textured place mats and table runner.

Overhead view of the tablescape.

Overhead view of the tablescape Belle Amour Designs

The parts of the tablescape that scream “autumn” are the leaves and berries, which can also be carried through to winter, and, most importantly, the pumpkins. This effect can be created in several different ways – you can purchase small pumpkins and paint them in colors that would compliment the overall look of the tablescape, or use fake pumpkins made from plastic or wood that are already colored to match. Leaving the pumpkins alone – their natural color – would work well for a traditional or kitschy themed tablescape.

Close up of each place setting.

Close up of each place setting. Belle Amour Designs

Of course, there’s more to each tablescape than the centerpiece. In this case, the centerpiece consists of a silver bucket, some leaves and red fruits or berries, and a runner. The bucket is filled with pumpkins that match the overall decor. Each individual place setting also matters. The pumpkins placed on them – and the leaves – echo the centerpieces, and the white plates work with the white tablecloth. In order to make the entire tablescape look cohesive, remember to limit the amount of colors used. Going overboard with autumn hues (yellow, orange, and red) may create a “cartoony” vibe. Unless this is what you’re going for, keep it simple!

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