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Creative Play Campfire

Do you have a little one that loves the outdoors? This play campfire from Jaime at Jaime Costiglio will be a favorite for indoor tent villages and sleepovers.

play campfire-

The imagination of your child will run wild when they set up camp and start telling stories while roasting smores. Jaime explains with detailed instructions how to attach the flames to the 2×3 studs once you have them cut out. She explains that there isn’t a wrong way to make your flames. Add a little paint and some wooden smores, and you have an instant campfire.

play campfire-

If you have extra pieces lying around from other woodworking projects this will use up that wood maybe several times over. Make a set for your family and maybe one or two more for nieces, nephews or neighbors. This is a fun project sure to brings hours of entertainment to out door loving children.

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