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Creating Wood Beams

If you would like to visually create the feeling of more space in your home without undertaking a major renovation, then maybe constructing wood beams for your ceiling is the answer for you. This is a great way to open a space and make it feel larger without investing either a lot of time or money. Jen at City Farmhouse used this technique in her kitchen, and the result shows off the modern rustic character of her home.

Creating wood beam

Jen takes us through the process of building the beams, and she cautions that at least 2 people should be working to install them to offset the weight and length of the beams. Jen used a white wash pickling stain on top of the darker wood stain to create a warm and inviting look rather than a sharp contrast between the ceiling and the beams.

Creating wood beam

The whitewash procedure gives the beams a beautiful aged, rustic barn wood feel, and they look as though they were installed when the house was built.

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