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Create A Tiered Rolling Cart

How often do you wish you had more storage that you could actually move to any room in the house according to your needs? Pili from sweethings created a functional and beautiful three tiered rolling cart out of old dresser drawers, and she shows us exactly how she did it.

Create A Tiered Rolling Cart After she completely sanded and cleaned the found drawers, Pili found some wood in her scrap pile to finish out the project. The wood scraps became the frame and legs of the cart, and an old shelf was mounted to the bottom to create the third tier. Pili painted her project with blue chalk paint, and let it dry completely. She then applied a protective finish to the project.

Create A Tiered Rolling Cart

The only purchased part of this project was the casters she bought to apply to the bottom of the legs to ensure that the cart could easily be moved anywhere she needed it.

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