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Create The Ultimate She-Den Like a Boss


In the age of Man Caves, men have long understood the need to have a space of their own.

However, women deserve their own space too! Whether it’s an unused basement, a garden shed, or a spare closet, every woman should have her own retreat to kick back and relax in peace and solitude.

Take a look at these 10 inspirations for creating the ultimate she-den.

1. Simple She-Shed

Sometimes, all a hard-working woman needs is a simple retreat to enjoy some alone time with a book or a quick nap. This she-den is simple, yet elegant and inviting.

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2. Warm She-Shed

For the woman who enjoys relaxing in the evening, this fantastically lit shed screams calm and tranquility.

3. 1950s-Themed Bar

While women do appreciate their alone time, sometimes what we really need is a girl’s night in.

This creative lady turned her garden shed into a fabulous 1950’s style diner, equipped with a booth table, dry bar, and fridge. And you cannot forget a juke box to play all your favorite classics.

4. Garden She-Shed #1

If you’re one of those women who never feel more at home than when you’re gardening, this simple and functionable true garden shed is the perfect space to hone in on your green thumb skills.

5. Garden She-Shed #2

With a few cheap or upcycled items, you can turn any nook or cranny into a gardening station.

6. Crafting She-Den #1

For the ultimate crafter, this antique-furnished dining room is perfect for inspiration and plenty of space. Using several containers and the right furnitue arrangement, you can really get your creative juice flowing in this over-sized crafting den.

7. Crafting She-Den #2

This crating nook is perfect for the crafter who prefers smaller crafting mediums and has a smaller space to utilize. By sliding drawers under the unused end of a dining table, you could really make the best use of limited space.

8. Crafting She-Den #3

Every crafter understands that plastic bins and boxes are an absolute necessity if you want organization. But, did you know that if you angle the shelves slightly, then you can see and reach your bins easier? Don’t forget to pick up some chalk lables the next time you’re looking in your crafting store or aisle.

9. Book Nook

Book Nook #1

Photo: Book Nook

What a great idea for an unused closet and old dresser! Cut the bottom half off of a slim dresser and add a cushion for a seat. Then line the walls with shelves for a great and cozy reading nook.

10. She-Den Peg Board

Peg Board

Photo: Peg Board

When it comes to organizing crafting and office supplies, you can never have enough peg boards and hooks.

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Thursday 31st of August 2017

I like Crafting She-Den #3, as I like the things should be well organised! Thank for sharing a good stuff :-)


Tuesday 18th of July 2017

Great ideas! Simply WOW. Warm She-Shed is like perfect for me as i find peace relaxing in the evening. Apart from that there is a tie between Crafting She-Den #2 & Simple She-Shed! Thanks for sharing :-)

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