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Create Oar Wall Decor

Have you ever strolled through a home dec store and loved the wall art you saw only to be blown away by the price of the piece? Holly from pinkfortitude experienced exactly that when she found a piece of wall art that she loved but was totally out of her price range. The piece she found was a set of three weathered oars, and these inspired her to go home and create her own art. Holly found an old, beat-up oar at a yard sale which she scored for only $2.

She had the rest of the supplies for this project at home already, so this was a ridiculously inexpensive project. Holly provides a complete supply list in her tutorial. She began her project by cleaning and sanding her oar, and then she rubbed in a grey stain leaving some of the wood grain showing. She then used star-shaped stickers as her stencil which she painted over.

Finally, she used sandpaper to distress the oar.

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