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Create A Cupholder From An Old Footboard

When I go to the thrift store or the flea market, I see a lot of orphan footboards from bed sets. Apparently, Marcela from Hometalk found an orphan footboard and came up with a genius idea for putting it to use.

She turned the footboard upside down and cut off the upper bars. She then distressed the original paint, painted a narrow piece of wood and mounted it where the bars had been cut. Marcela then added a series of hooks from which she later hung cups.The narrow piece of wood provided the perfect place to display cups with their saucers. One final touch is the thin strip of wood nailed to the very top of the piece. This strip of wood acts as an edge to secure the saucers she chose to display on the top of the piece.

Although specific plans for this project are not on the website, the description and pictures are more than adequate to show how the project was completed.

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