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Cozy DIY Furniture For Your Pets

We went surfing the web for the most adorable and simple-to-make pet furniture we could find. Here are our top choices:

1. Feeding Station

This upcycled dresser feeding station by Katy Bunch at Crafty Wife! Crafty Life!

Is the perfect solution for a neat and upcycled feeding station for your cats or dogs.

Katy took an old dresser, busted out a few lower drawers, cut holes in a board for the bowls, and attached the bowls to the bottom dresser.

Food and treats can then be stored in the upper drawers. Tidy and stylish!



2. TV Cat Bed

Talk about the ultimate LOL Cat! No office is complete without the office cat.

Miles and Aimee of Atomic Attic told an old TV, gutted it, and decorated it to make this adorable TV cat bed. I would imagine an old monitor would do just fine as well.

Photo: TV Cat Bed

3. Corner Cat Tree

This simple-to-make corner cat tree is showcased at Fall In Pets’ blog and we think it is just spectacular.

This close-up image shows how easy it would be to take a few pre-drilled framing pieces and, using dowels or screws, place in the adjustable shelving units.

I think a little bit of creativity could turn some closet system pieces into a nice tree too. Don’t you?

4. Hanging Cat Bed

This hanging multi-cat bed from Elo 7 looks oh-so-easy to make.

Using rope pieces (or chains), boards, and outdoor pillows or homemade beds, put this adorable piece indoors or out and give your kitty a cool place to hang out.

5. PVC Pipe Cat Condo

The folks at DIY Craftsy really use their thinking caps to come up with their ingenious PVC pipe designs, and this easy cat condo is no exception.

The bed supports can be made from cloth, canvas, or solid boards. Hang some cloth on the sides to give your cat a little more privacy.

6. Old Tire Dog Bed

This upcycled and painted old tire-turned-dog-bed from Practically Functional is Absolutely Adorable and too easy to have just seen now.

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Wednesday 27th of September 2017

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