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I was majorly wowed when I clicked over and saw these eye-catching copper barn lights Kirstin of Kojo Designs created using IKEA pendants. Here’s from Kirstin: “Since the copper barn lights I kept falling in love with were way out of our price range, we figured why not try to use a $30 IKEA pendant light to recreate the look. I was thrilled when it actually worked.” These truly are gorgeous and require only some spray paint to replicate!

DIY Home Decor ~ Copper Barn Light IKEA Hack

Kirstin was inspired by the Horizon Extended Dome Pendant from Barn Light Electric.

horizon extended dome pendant

Kirstin shares exactly how she made them at Kojo Designs.


  1. Thanks for the feature, Beckie!

  2. Hi Beckie,

    We’re glad you love our lighting styles! Your Ikea ‘knockoff’ (as you’ve described it) is a grand example of innovation

    We appreciate the mention and credit and Iwould prefer to take this opportunity to separate Barn Light Electric from competition such as Ikea by providing the right reasons to purchase our products.

    A large majority of our lighting is manufactured in the USA, specifically from our trusted suppliers as this light is sourced from.
    “The Horizon” is hand-made from 100% aluminum, using high-quality powder-coated finishes and electrical assemblies designed to suit Wet Locations and hold a UL rating.

    The UL rating allows you to use our products safely in specified locations (Dry, Damp, Wet) such as outdoors (Wet) and bathrooms (Damp) without adversely affecting the integrity of the electrical components. As we know, faulty wiring and water and electricity doesn’t mix, so be sure to check the electrical rating before installing a globe of high wattage (40+). Typically Ikea lighting is maximum rated between 40-60W, anything over is guaranteed to limit the useful life, if not start a blaze. (The Ikea website suggests a 400 lumen bulb, equivalent to approximately 40w)

    Purchases of American made fixtures ensures another generation of innovation benefiting our customers with brand new designs, better service and high quality products. It’s not just the light you are buying, it could very well be a piece of manufacturing history in the coming decade.

    I hope my reply is useful and we thank you for crediting us!

    Kindest Regards,
    Jesse-Lee Stringer
    eCommerce Director
    Barn Light Electric Co.

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