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Back Patio Concrete Ideas That Will Keep You Outside All Summer Long

Concrete Patio Ideas

As summertime draws ever-nearer, our attention turns to the great outdoors. But all that sunshine and clear blue sky can be soured somewhat by trying a less-than-grand environment.

That’s why now is the time to look at giving a little TLC to your outdoor areas.

Whether you’re just looking for a cosmetic update or are considering pouring a whole new concrete patio, these ideas will set you on the right track towards enjoying the summer in comfort and style.

1. Take Advantage of Poured-In-Place Designs

One of the greatest attributes that concrete has is its versatility. While you could just as easily pour a solid slab and call it a day, the medium allows you to get a bit more creative.

One concept that has become very popular recently is the mixed patio/lawn concept.

Rather than just laying a solid patio, you lay a series of smaller slabs with grass or moss growing in the trenches between. It’s just one concept that you can use to add a touch of life and color to your patio.

2. Colored Concrete

Speaking of color, if you want to be even bolder then you can always make use of colored concrete.

Colored concrete is popular in the southwest, where designers use it to better match the desert landscape and to mimic the traditional pueblo homes of the region.

But that’s only one possible application. The only limit to the potential designs is the color wheel.

3. Give Your Patio a Touch of Vintage Flair

If you’ve ever thumbed through a mid-century photography book, you’ll remember the classic look of the era. From Paris to Palm Springs, the mid-century modern style was all the rage, and it’s a design that still holds up today.

So for a look that’s understated be still instantly recognizable, why not mimic the great patios of yesteryear?

And as a plus, depending on how far you want to go with the concept, this could be one of the lower-effort options, merely requiring a change of decor rather than a full-on renovation.

4. Cool Down with Water-Wise Greenery

Renovations and decor aren’t the only additions that you can make to your patio. Adding a bit of greenery can go a long way in making the area look inviting and alive.

And as a bonus, many plants will help cool down the areas that they grow in, helping you beat the heat at the same time.

You’ll want to pick plants best suited to your region of course, but there are water and environmentally-conscious options available for practically every area.

5. Repair and Refresh Your Old Back Concrete Patio

Suppose you’ve inherited a patio from a previous homeowner that’s seen better days.

You’d love to do something with it, but the thought of digging it all up and starting from scratch fills you with dread. Well, fortunately, there are other options.

Many old patios can be rehabbed and refreshed to look as good as new. For information on having old concrete repaired or repaved do your research.

Back Concrete Patio Ideas for a Summertime Paradise

back patio concrete idea

The summer is the season for taking a little time-out and enjoying the company of friends and loved ones. And a proper concrete patio will have you enjoying the long sunny days so much that you’ll never want to go back indoors.

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