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Colorful Knit Tassel Pillow

Chanda from Zest It Up has always loved hand dyed wool yarns and has amassed quite the collection from thrift stores. What’s a girl to do with a large stash of beautifully-colored yarns? Make a tassel pillow inspired by Anthropologie of course! Chanda knit a pillow cover and then added a plethora of tassels in rich jewel tones. She says, “I see detailing for blankets, curtains, earrings, and necklaces in my future!  Kind of limitless for such an easy project.”

DIY Knit Tassel Pillow

Chanda was inspired by items like the Tasseled Jacare Pillow from Anthropologie.

Tasseled Jacare Pillow from Anthropologie

Go to Zest It Up to learn how to make your own decorative tassel pillow.

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