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Closet Organizer Make Over

If you are like most people you have clothes and a need a place to store them. With so many types of organizers to choose from how do you know what will work best for you? Ana from Ana White has figured out a storage solution that works well in her home.

She originally had a vertical storage system but found it was difficult to reach clothes to either take them down or put them up. With her new horizontal system, she has the ability to place the clothes at arm’s length. Although she admits she has lost a little bit of space, it is negligible in the whole scheme of things.

Using Melamine shelving she provides the link to the tutorial from Ryobi in her article. She notes that much of the workload is reduced by using the Melamine to build in the shelving. If a new shelving system is in your future you will want to check out the plans from Ana.

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