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How Do You Properly Clean Your House After Pest Control?  

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If you have been dealing with any kind of pests to the point when you decided that you need help from pest control services, you are probably tired, weary, and eager to go back to your old routine.

Unfortunately, when specialists leave your house, and you’re free from pests, there’s still work to be done.

Chemicals used by these services can be dangerous to the health of both people and their pets.

So how can you make sure that it’s safe for you to go back to your life?

How should you clean your house after the visit of pest control experts?

Wait as long as you have to for the pesticides to work

It’s understandable that you want to clean everything and forget about the whole business as soon as possible.

However, you need to make sure that pests are eliminated effectively and permanently.

You don’t want to rush things only to discover that you’re still stuck with your problem.

Some pesticides need more time to settle and dry than others.

It all depends on what kind of pests you’re getting rid of, so before you let technicians go, be sure to ask how long you should wait with scrubbing or when you would be able to enter your house.

Some chemicals are stronger than others, so don’t bring your child or a dog inside until your service provider assures you it’s safe.

Best companies who offer pest control services don’t leave a mess behind them.

They will clean whatever they can and inform you when you can do the cleaning yourself or which areas to avoid.

What do you need to clean after pest control treatment?

When you get a green light from your technician, be sure to gather all the necessary cleaning supplies.

  • Rubber gloves will help you keep your skin safe. A layer of pesticides always remains on the surfaces and can be absorbed by your skin if you clean with your bare hands.
  • Bucket – fill it with water and dish soap or another cleaning liquid. It should be changed as frequently as necessary whenever it gets dirty, or you risk putting pesticides back.
  • Cleaning rags, sponges
  • Vacuum, steam cleaner
  • Mop

Clean the house methodically

To make sure everything is well-cleaned, it’s best to take it one room at a time.

It may not be a good idea to start with sweeping or even moping, because these activities can agitate the dirt and make it rise into the air, which can be harmful, especially if you suffer from any respiratory conditions.

The trick is to spray some water onto all the surfaces before you start cleaning.

Remember to wash all the surfaces in your house, even if you don’t use them.

You can never be sure where pests were and which places have been treated by pest control.

Also, if everything is clean, pests are less likely to come back.

All surfaces also include every piece of furniture you have.

If you have any loose clothes or other things inside, you ought to wash them.

Mattresses will need to be steam cleaned as well.

Remember about windows and walls, especially in the areas that were treated by technicians.

Windows should be cleaned along with panes and frames, walls sprayed with the cleaner, even if for a gentle, small squeegee down.

Pay special attention to cleaning the kitchen, as it’s a place where you prepare your food.

If you have left anything unsealed or uncovered, unfortunately, you will have to throw it away.

Dishes, utensils, pots, and pans should be washed, and counterparts scrubbed carefully.

Plus, don’t forget things like fixtures, appliances, vents, or plumbing taps.

Basically, you need to clean everything you see, whether you touch it or not.

It’s even more vital if you have children or pets who don’t understand what’s happened and that they need to be more careful.

Clean daily

woman cleaning

Make sure to always get under furniture, along walls, and all the places you usually don’t think of.

If you have a carpet, you will need to steam clean it.

All the rags and towels used during the cleaning should be thrown away or washed.

All pests that have died need to be cleaned away, and they don’t all die at the spot; for some, it may take several days or even weeks, and you can’t just leave them, or they will become food for other bugs and bacteria.

So, after the visit of pest control services, you will need to vacuum and mop your floors with a good detergent every day.

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