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5 Amazing Christmas Decor Deals You Can Get Right Now

So of course with Christmas Day only a few days away now, Christmas decor starts to go ON SALE!

A lot of us our finishing up our shopping and making plans for wrapping up the last of the gifts we’ve already purchased (and hidden away). That means decorating isn’t the priority it was a few weeks ago.

That doesn’t mean we can’t add a few featured pieces in time for company coming over or enjoy until that first weekend in January.

Or, another great ideas is to give yourself a little gift for next Christmas. When you pull everything out to decorate right after next year’s Thanksgiving, you’ll have a nice surprise waiting for you.

The best part?

You will save quite a bit less money because right now The Home Depot is knocking down their prices on a huge selection of Christmas stuff. They have everything including all kinds of lights, trees, inflatables, animated animals and more.

After taking a look myself, I captured some of the best ones you can get based on the discounted price and frankly, just how awesome they are.

1. 9 ft. Inflatable St. Bernard


See at Home Depot

Wow, this guy is big and super adorable. Plug him in, and he’ll inflate immediately and light up for the night time.

The regular price is already pretty good at well under $100. And right now, this little (big) guy is 30% off of of that.

2. Lighted Candy Canes


See at Home Depot

Super pretty and fun. These come with a timer and custom settings for 28 different color patterns.

These are now 50% OFF!

3. Dunhill Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

artificial christmas tree

See at Home Depot

This tree is too beautiful, and is one of the best selling trees and highly rated at Home Depot.

Pick your size from 4.5′, 6.5′, 7.5′, 10′ and as tall as 12′! It’s 30% of it’s regular price.

4. Holiday LED Projector


See at Home Depot

Ok, this one is too cool because it gives you a variety of “slide shows” to choose from.

Use traditional stars or snowflakes, or have some fun and project Santa figures, reindeer, and Christmas tree images onto your house.

What’s even better is it comes with slides for Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day and Parties. This one is 33% off an already reasonable price.


5. Assorted Ornament Set


See at Home Depot

These are called “Dazzle” ornaments for a reason. They do just that. They are hand-painted and shatter resistant.

They range from 2.36″ to 5″ in size. Get a box of 75 of these now for 30% OFF.

Honestly, these are just my faves again for both price and quality. There are tons more things on sale on Home Depot’s site.

I love many others like this Christmas Village set that’s only $20, down from $30.

See at Home Depot

If you need a new tree after this year, now is the time. If you have plans to decorate your yard with large decor or replace some old lights with LEDs it’s worth picking up some now. Same for smaller accent pieces like miniature trees, garland and other ornaments.

You can also wait until after the new year, but there can be some slim pickins’. Check out their site a see if anything sticks out that your future self will be glad you bought now for less!


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