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It’s All in the Drape: What to Consider When Choosing Master Bedroom Curtains

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Do you get enough sleep at night? According to research, most people need at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

Sleep is vital for managing your mood, performance, and energy levels so don’t slack off when it comes to getting enough of it.

One way you can ensure that you get what you need is with good sleep hygiene. That includes clean linen, fresh air, and pleasant interior decor, like furnishings and drapes.

Get started improving your sleep habits with these top tips for choosing bedroom curtains.

Bedroom Window Curtains and Privacy

You’re bedroom’s a sheltered haven from the stresses of a busy life. It’s the one place that should offer intimate solace and a tranquil ambiance free from outside disturbances.

You want to maintain a modicum of privacy in your master bedroom even when your curtains are open. The best drapes for the job are sheer privacy curtains, layered curtains, bedroom blackout curtains, and hanging curtains.

Fabrics for Master Bedroom Curtains

The fabric you choose for your bedroom depends mainly on the design theme you choose for this space. For instance, heavy velvet curtains won’t match a bright and breezy modern design.

You’ll find a fabric to suit your every mood and desire when you start shopping for curtains. Sheer fabrics offer a sophisticated and understated look, while heavy fabrics like brocade can overpower every other element in the room.

Other options include linen, cotton, and a host of composite fabrics.

If you want to avoid confusion and indecision when you arrive at the store, research bedroom curtain ideas online or in interior design magazines beforehand. Then choose a fabric and stick to it.

Curtain lining also helps enhance the opacity of your curtains and can help darken the room for those blissful Sunday afternoon naps.

Curtain Color Considerations

Like fabrics, there’s no end to the color combinations available for your curtains.

What’s more?

The colors will cozy up your space or even make it feel larger.

Given there are so many master bedroom sizes in homes these days, you have to decide which is best for you.

White bedroom curtains enhance a classic, cool look but they can make your room a little brighter than you’d like, especially when matched with white walls.

In fact, it’s never a good idea to match your drapes to the wall color unless you want to create the impression you’re living in a box.

Patterned curtains add a pop of color and interest to any room, and work well with other elements of a similar design, like throw cushions, or chairs. Nowadays, you can get curtains in two tones and somber shades if you want something a little different for your master bedroom.

Since your curtains are one of the largest elements in the room, whatever color you choose will have a major impact on your final design outcome.

It’s a good idea to bring home some swatches of fabric before you buy so you can get an impression of what works best first.

Choosing the Best Hardware for Your Curtains

Curtain hardware refers to those items needed for the functioning of the curtain, such as rails and curtain hooks.

king size bed in glamorous bedroom

Rods are a standout design feature, so choose them carefully. They should always match the darkest color in the room.

If you already have rods, you can spray paint or stain them to closely match this shade.

Are you opting for metal rods and finials? Choose a metal that matches the dominant metals in the room such as light fittings or ornaments.

Do you want your curtain rods and finials to disappear into the background? Paint them the same color as the wall.

Your choice of finials depends on whether you want your curtain rods to blend in or to stand out in the room. Ornate finials work best when you’re using your drapes as a major design feature.

For a demure look, opt for plain round finials or crystal ones.

The Best Dimensions for Bedroom Curtains

Nothing looks worse than poorly fitting curtains that aren’t the right size.

Short curtains should have a hem and just skim the windowsill, while you’ve got a lot more leeway if you opt for long curtains.

Remember, if you’re considering switching your curtains out to another room, or intend to move to another house in the future, your short curtains might not fit correctly.

Long curtains can ‘break the floor’ creating a small bend at the hem, pool in a few inches on the floor, or just skim the surface of the floor.

Pooled or puddled curtains create a luxuriously elegant look, while shorter ones suit a modern space.

Use a curtain size chart to help you decide what the best look is for your master bedroom.

Final Things to Think About

One of the things most homeowners forget about when choosing curtains is what’s involved in caring for them. If you opt for a fabric that needs dry-cleaning, you’ll have no curtains in your room while they’re at the cleaners.

A quick-drying machine-washable fabric works best for master bedroom curtains.

Are you struggling to create the perfect master bedroom ambiance? Working with an interior designer to create custom residential window treatments is one way to ensure your master bedroom drapes are the perfect fit for your space.

Creating Masterful Interior Designs in Every Room

There’s so much to consider when you’re undertaking a whole-house refurb. From bedroom curtains to patio furniture, it’s important to take your time considering how it all works together when you’re upgrading your interiors.

Even when you’re opting for a different look in every room, always keep consistency in mind. A central design theme’s vital for maintaining smooth transitions between rooms.

Browse our blog for some beautiful decor ideas and practical information about home interior design and how to tie it all together.

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