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Child’s Bench From Old Dresser Drawers

What kid’s room couldn’t use extra storage? This unique children’s storage bench made from an old dresser is the perfect answer to the question of where to put the accumulation of games and toys in any kid’s room. Gail from myrepurposedlife cleverly converts an old dresser into this great piece.

Gail takes us step-by-step through the process of cutting the dresser down to not only create the children’s bench, but she also explains how she preserved the top part of the dresser for another project. Because the dresser is now going to be used as a bench, Gail explains how she added supports and braces to make it strong enough to have someone sitting on top. The original bottom two drawers of the dresser remain under the seat to provide storage. Gail used beadboard on the sides and back to create a sturdy and beautiful bench.

Finally, a fresh coat of paint and new hardware complete this unique and fresh storage bench.

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