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At Its Best Child’s Armoire

Have you been given a vintage piece of furniture and really do not know what to do with it? Some say timing is everything, and in the case of the Boehringers from Diystinctly Made their time came when they found they were expecting a child.

Her grandmother had given her a small armoire which would work well for in a child’s room. With a detailed list, the Boehringers show how they sanded down the armoire. They added a note that they used a respirator because they were unsure if the original paint had lead in it. That is certainly something to think about if you do a lot of vintage furniture sanding.

This makeover of the armoire will make an heirloom quality piece that can be passed down through the family. The painted and stained look will fit in a variety of decors. If a new child is in your future, be on the lookout for a small armoire, it is a versatile piece of furniture, and with a small makeover, it will be cherished for years to come.

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