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Charming Accent Side Table

Small spaces can often cause serious problems with decorating. In a small bedroom, a large bed can instantly fill the room. Apparently, this was the case with Medina from Grillo Designs. Her small bedroom impacted the furniture choices for the room. She needed a side table, as most people do, for those items that we reach for at the end of the day and the beginning of the next.

Her solution was to use the Ikea Marius Stool  with some wood planks to make it into a rustic industrial side table. Medina explains that she learned some new things in woodworking when completing this project. A regular saw will not cut a round circle and that a router makes cutting circles much easier.

She gives detailed explanations on how everything went together with good suggestions. Is your decor more modern? This may be a great project to add in your home. Be sure to have someone help if you are new to woodworking. Have fun making this charming accent table for your small space.

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