Cereal Box Quatrefoil Lantern

Nike from Choose to Thrive had been crushing on a lantern with a quatrefoil design. Like the rest of us, there isn’t much from Ballard that falls into an affordable price range for Nike, so she set off to make her own. Wondering how she made it? From a cardboard cereal box! Yes, seriously! She cut all the lantern pieces from a pattern she created (and has made available to you). A coat of spray paint and you’d never know a Chex box lurked beneath!

DIY Quatrefoil Lantern

Nike was inspired by the Quatrefoil Lantern from Ballard Designs.

Quatrefoil Lantern

Get the detailed tutorial at Choose to Thrive.


  1. This is amazing!
    Must Pinterest.

  2. hello beckie!!

    nice lanterns, it’s so casual, i want to have like this in front of my house, well thank you for sharing, anyway have you seen this site? Home Decor Stores!