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The Best Ceiling Decor For a Relaxing Space

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Did you know ceilings are also known as the “fifth wall” in the home? Despite their endless opportunities to introduce decorative features, ceilings are often overlooked.

During these trying times, your home is your oasis, and you want it to feel like a relaxing space. When you’re creating your ultimate relaxation room, don’t forget to utilize your ceiling in your design. It’s an essential element in the overall feel of any room.

Read on to learn how to make your home a sanctuary by using the right ceiling decor.

1. Macrame Plant Hangers with Real Plants: The Ultimate Ceiling Decor

Macrame is a cheap and easy way to incorporate trendy fiber art into your room design. Macrame plant hangers can be purchased online for a reasonable price, or you can even make the plant hangers yourself.

If you want a more personalized look, there are tons of DIY videos available online for making your own macrame plant hangers. It’s a fun and relatively easy hobby to pick up, with only a few knots to learn to make your own decor.

In addition to macrame, adding hanging plants to your space is the ultimate ceiling decor if you’re looking to bring the natural world inside. Do not underestimate the power of plants to provoke a sense of calm in your home.

Plants are also known to help you relax and clean indoor air. A NASA study proved that plants can purify the air, removing toxins like benzene and formaldehyde. These are some of the plants that have been proven to purify the air.

Hanging plants from ceiling

Pothos is one of the easiest possible plants to grow. It can grow several feet long, making it an excellent choice for a hanging plant. The pothos plant also prefers to get a little dry between watering, making it a low maintenance choice.

English Ivy is another hardy plant that thrives in hanging baskets. The beautiful, dark green leaves of the English ivy plant will grow quickly, and the vines will drape down to the floor if you let them.

The Spider Plant is the classic plant that you picture in every house in the 1970s, but it’s still on trend today. The spider plant has attractive striped leaves and doesn’t even need direct sunlight. It’s perfect for the room where the plants that need tons of sunlight won’t survive.

While fake plants might look decent, they’re out of style and don’t have any physical benefit to creating a relaxing space. If you’re after a physically calming space, real plants are the best option.

2. Rattan Pendant Lights: The Hottest Trend

Rattan is on-trend, and the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. Using natural materials, like rattan, is the perfect way to bring a calming presence into your home.

By utilizing wood or rattan, and pairing it with neutral colors, you create a warm, and calm space. Rattan also brings in an element of a breezy and open space.

There are so many ways to incorporate rattan into your design, but a simple way is to add a pendant light on the ceiling. Consider swapping out a chandelier or ordinary ceiling light for a more relaxed look with a rattan pendant light.

3. Ceiling Fans: Relaxing and Airy

Calming ceiling fans

A ceiling fan can be used to fulfill both functional and aesthetic objectives in the design of your home. Having the wrong fixtures makes a big difference in a room. If you want to transform your room, adding a new ceiling fan fixture can work wonders.

Ceiling fans will keep your room cool, add an element of style, and can bring more light into the space. Whether your home is industrial, mid-century modern, or coastal, a ceiling fan will improve your relaxing room.

Consider adding one of the high-end fans. Fans are available in numerous styles and have finishes available that would fit well in a natural, calming space. They’re also extremely energy efficient, and sustainability in design is another top trend of 2020.

4. Wallpaper: A Bold and Stunning Choice


Wallpaper on the ceiling? Yes, you read it correctly, wallpaper on the ceiling is one of the hottest design trends right now. Covering the ceiling with wallpaper is all over social media and design blogs, and for a good reason.

Wallpaper creates an enormous impact, especially when placed on the ceiling. The colors that you choose are important because they will affect the vibe and mood of the space. A calming color choice can bring a cozy and welcoming feeling to the room.

Another benefit to wallpapering your ceiling is it can add a great deal of depth to any bland space.

One word of advice regarding installing wallpaper on the ceiling is it’s best left to the professionals. It’s difficult to install wallpaper overhead, and it’s important to make sure all the seams are invisible to the eye. A ceiling with wallpaper is a bold statement, and errors will be spotted easily.

Another option for wallpaper as a ceiling decor statement is to try temporary wallpaper. There are numerous great options available that remove easily, so it’s not as big of a commitment if you’re feeling unsure.

5. String Lights: An Indoor and Outdoor Ceiling Decor

Are you looking for ceiling decoration ideas for your indoor or outdoor space that don’t break the bank?

String lights, or globe lights, create the ambiance that you get from candlelight, bringing coziness to any space. They’re easy to install yourself and aren’t too expensive.

If you have an outdoor patio or porch that you’re trying to transform into a more relaxing space, ditch the bright porch lights and install some string lights.

Another place where globe lights work well is in the bedroom to create a feeling of romance and tranquility. If you have a canopy bed, install string lights around the top beams. If not, larger globe lights strung in a zigzag pattern across the ceiling is another hip look.

If you decide to incorporate string lights into your ceiling decorations, don’t be afraid to mix different lights of all shapes and sizes.  This can add an interesting element to the space.

6. Paint: The Simple Solution

Sometimes all it takes is a bit of paint to creating a relaxing space. The ceiling is often overlooked when choosing paint colors.

Believe it or not, your basic white ceiling is not doing you any favors. Contrary to popular belief, a white ceiling isn’t always the best option. You should choose your ceiling color depending on the size of your room, and the mood you’re trying to create.

Few things are as stressful as feeling restricted and stuck in a small space. For those who are living in close quarters during the pandemic, you might be looking for solutions to make your room feel larger.

An excellent way to utilize the 5th wall in your house is to use it to your advantage to make your room feel larger. If you paint the ceiling a lighter color, it will make the ceiling appear higher, making the space feel bigger.

If you have a large room, painting a ceiling white or a light color probably isn’t the best option. In a big room, the best way to achieve a cozy feeling is to paint the ceiling a darker color. You can even paint the ceiling the same color as the walls, all in a darker color to achieve an enveloping look.

When using paint as a form of ceiling decor, don’t forget to utilize the ceilings in your exterior spaces. Consider painting the ceiling of your porch a light blue to create the natural look of the sky.

7. Millwork: The Elegant Choice

nice color ceiling beams

One of the hottest design trends in the home is exposed ceiling beams.

Adding millwork to your ceiling is by far the most expensive ceiling decor option, but it adds an unmatched elegance and style to your space.

Exposing existing wood beams, or having them added to your ceiling, is a stunning feature to consider in your design. The natural wood creates a soothing atmosphere and warms any space.

Some people think that exposed wood beams belong in cabins or country farmhouses, but wood beams can also work wonders in a coastal home or a historic city home. If you’re installing wood, you can choose a piece that would be found in the surroundings where you reside.

Start Building Your Relaxing Sanctuary Today

While you’re stuck inside, it’s the perfect time to conquer a home project. Start designing your ultimate oasis by embracing these easy ceiling decor tips today.

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