Pine Box Shelf as Nightstand

Do you need a nightstand but are tight on space? Chelsea from Making Home Base offers the perfect alternative to your typical bedside table with this simple box shelf. Her daughter’s room had been lacking a nightstand since they’d moved into their house. While Chelsea wanted a place to set down books or a glass […Read More]

IKEA Mirror to Accordion Wall Lamp

Lindsay of The White Buffalo Styling Co. was in love with the idea of adding accordion sconces to both sides of her master bed. However, we all know that it simply wasn’t happening at $180 a pop. Especially when Lindsay had a plan for using the parts from a $4.99 IKEA mirror to create her own […Read More]

Graphic Painted Basket for $10

Corey from Tiny Sidekick is no stranger to getting high end décor on a dime and has a slew of fabulous knock offs to prove it. She says, “One of the things I love most about knock offs is that you can take 2 things that strike your fancy and blend them together to make […Read More]

Acrylic Sided DIY Wall Shelves

Ursula from Home Made by Carmona set out to recreate West Elm’s sleek, modern acrylic-sided shelves for her daughter’s bedroom. Her daughter had requested tons of beautiful storage for her bedroom, and West Elm’s shelf certainly was beautiful – but also EXPENSIVE. Ursula knocked it off for under $20 using laminated shelves and sheets of […Read More]

Solid Wood Chevron Headboard and Bedframe

Jen from The House of Wood has done it again, and I am simply drooling over her latest knock off! This go-round, Jen built a beauuuuutiful chevron bed set for her sweet daughter and even offers the free project plans so you too can replicate it for a mere $200. Yep, that’s only $200 for […Read More]

Reclaimed Wood DIY Cubby Shelf

It’s projects like these that make me so glad I conquered my fear of building and mastered the use of power tools. You know… projects that allow you to replicate a $179 wall cubby from a high end store for absolutely nothing. That’s right – $0! And the best part is that Jen from The […Read More]

Watercolor Pillow with Summer Saying

Yes, I know summer is coming to an end and everyone has apple-picking and pumpkins on the brain, but I can’t help holding onto every last shred of summer. This is our first full summer in our new home, and we are fortunate to have an in-ground pool in our backyard. That alone makes it […Read More]

Wood and Pipe Entryway Organizer

When Chelsea from Making Home Base was thinking of what kind of organizer she wanted for her entryway, two words come to mind – stylish AND functional. A wood and pipe organizer from West Elm caught her eye, but Chelsea knew she could beat the $499 price tag. She saved about $300 by making it […Read More]