Industrial Style Pipe Curtain Rods


When deciding on curtains rods for her son’s bedroom, Carrie from Making Lemonade had a choice to make – drive to the mall and purchase West Elm’s industrial curtain rods or drive to Home Depot, make her own, and save $100. “Guess which idea won?” she asks. DIY, of course! Carrie assures that it’s easier than you think, especially since she’s got your shopping list ready!

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Trash-to-Treasure White and Gold Rolling Cart

gold and white painted rolling cart

Kathy from The Salvaged Boutique rescued a metal cart from the garbage pile at work. The fact that it was metal made it a true score, despite its n-a-s-t-y condition. We are talking seriously FILTHY and rusty! However, Kathy performed a miraculous transformation on the cart, taking it from landfill material to a vision in gold and white!

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How to Upholster a Bench–the Lazy Way

upholstered chevron bench

Erin from Elizabeth Joan Designs had inherited an old bench from her parents with dreams of giving it a grand makeover. Enter a new baby and cross-country move, and the bench was quickly forgotten. When Erin later found herself in need of additional seating for her daughter’s birthday, she figured it was time to give the bench the update it so desperately needed – the lazy EASY way!

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Painted Stripe and Gold Dipped Tote

west elm knock off shoulder bag

If your momma is a lady who can never have enough bags, then this DIY gift idea is for you! Amy from Delineate Your Dwelling was loving the look of a striped, gold tipped tote from West Elm and recreated it with one of my favorite mediums – good ol’ paint! You can easily customize your bag with Mom’s favorite colors, and Amy says Hobby Lobby sells a variety of bag styles to meet any need. Mom will never guess it only cost $8 to make!

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DIY 5-Minute Abstract Black and White Art

diy abstract art

Bethany from Dwellings by DeVore decided to jump on the bandwagon and try her hand at creating graphic artwork a la West Elm. Bethany says she literally just did a couple of brush strokes across a piece of poster board and then popped her new abstract art into a frame once it was dry. She says, “I think it took me about 5 minutes to complete. You can’t beat that for quick and easy.”

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Industrial Pipe Curtain Rods for a HUGE Window

diy industrial pipe curtain rods

Sarah from Cheerful Nest knew it was going to be expensive to purchase a custom rod for the mondo-sized window in her living room. Fortunately, she was able to recreate the look of industrial pipe rods from West Elm in the length she needed and the price she wanted. The guys and gals at the hardware will do most the work for you, cutting the pipe to length and rethreading it, so this is a pretty simple DIY. Basically all you have to do is paint the pieces, if so desired, and then assemble. Easy peasy!

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From IKEA to West Elm Dresser Makeover

west elm stria dresser knock off

Corinna from For My Love Of needed a real wood dresser for CHEAP. She didn’t want to wait around for one to materialize on Craigslist, so instead Corinna took the two-and-a-half hour trek to the nearest IKEA for their Rast Dresser. She doctored it up by gluing wood pieces on the drawer fronts to look just like the dresser she’d been eyeing from West Elm. Talk about a simple update!

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DIY “Sea Glass” Candle Holders


Ashley from My Craftily Ever After has lots of fun built-ins in her house but was lacking decorative accessories for the shelves. She decided to recreate some pretty candle holders from West Elm using a fun painting technique with food coloring. While Ashley’s inspiration was only $6, she was still about to beat it using all items she had around the house, making her candle holders freebies!

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