“Easy-As-Pie” Orb Chandelier


Everyone loves a “first,” and this project just so happens to be Teryn from Verified Mom’s first Restoration Hardware knock off ever. It all began when Teryn set eyes on RH’s stunning crystal orb chandelier and knew there had to be a simple way to recreate it. Teryn says, “I’ve seen other complex tutorials, but this one is not!” Amazingly, Teryn was able to make this beauty in about an hour once all the planning was done, and she shares exactly how she pulled it off so you can make an “easy-as-pie” orb chandelier too!

diy orb chandelier

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Aged “Metal” Industrial Clock Makeover


Bliss of Bliss Ranch took the old clock from her wall and gave it a totally new look with some ingenuity and parts from the garage. The MDF frame looks amazingly like metal thanks to Bliss’ handiwork with paint. Now Bliss says she’s looking twice at the rest of the clocks in her house to see how she can morph them into something better too!

rustic industrial clock

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Industrial Wood Letters with Metal Trim


I am just loving this knock off from the gals over at Lolly Jane! Kelli wanted to recreate the look of vintage industrial letters for less than $15 PER letter. Yes, that gets pricey! Amazing, she got all the look of wood and metal without using wood and metal. I never would have guessed it, but the “wood” is simply patterned scrapbook paper and the “metal” silver glitter tape. That means scissors are the only tool needed! Nicely done, Ladies!

industrial wood and metal letter

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When Life Hands You a Bag of Driftwood, Make a Wreath!


Heather from New House New Home was out thrifting when she came across a bag full of driftwood for five dollars. Heather snatched it up knowing exactly what she’d make with it – a driftwood wreath just like the $100+ model sold at Restoration Hardware. It was as easy as firing up the hot glue gun and layering the pieces onto a wreath ring. I love the organic beauty of driftwood!

driftwood wreath

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Wood and Pipe Console Table


Stephanie of Simply Swider has been whipping her entryway into shape with an industrial chic makeover. A distressed wood and metal console table? Yes, please! A $695 price tag? Um, no… And why would you pay that much when you can build your own console from leftover butcher block and conduit piping – for under $50!

industrial wood and pipe console table

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Chalkboard Map Rolling Shade


Chalkboard paint and maps have been popular in the DIY world for awhile now and are still going strong. Becca at From Gardner 2 Bergers merged these two popular trends to create a rolling chalkboard map for her guest bedroom. Wondering how Becca pulled off the rolling part of the map? Easy! She painted a rolling window shade with chalkboard paint and then drew the map right on. The cool part is that the map also doubles as a blackout shade on the window!

diy chalkboard map

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Industrial Wood and Metal Pipe Bed


Jaime of That’s My Letter and Ana White have been working their magic again – but with a new twist! Ana helped Jaime draw up plans for a new bed for her son’s bedroom that features galvanized steel pipes and wood slats. Like Jaime says, it’s a match made in heaven! And she walks you through the entire process step-by-step so you can make a one-of-a-kind bed industrial bed too.

pipe and wood bed

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Refurbished Vintage Schoolhouse Lights


Lindsey from Impatiently Crafty LOVES classic schoolhouse lights but sure doesn’t want to pay $200 a piece for them. She has become a master a refurbishing old lights found on Ebay and at salvage stores for much cheaper. With a light sanding, coat of spray paint, and new wiring, they look just like the ones found at high end stores like Restoration Hardware!


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