Chalkboard Label Glasses (Dishwasher-Safe!)

How many times have you been at a get-together, set down your glass, and then not been able to figure out which one is yours? I know it has happened to me a time or two (or a hundred!). Jamie from Southern Revivals shares the perfect way to prevent such mishaps when you’re playing hostess […Read More]

X-Base Clock Coffee Table

This DIY coffee table from Shara at Chasing a Dream actually drew inspiration from a couple different sources. Shara was first inspired when she saw a fellow blogger who had turned her dining table into a clock coffee table and fell in love with the idea. Shara combined it with an x-base design she saw […Read More]

Burlap Bunny Napkin Rings

Burlap and bunnies come together again in these festive napkin rings made by Deneen at Dreaming in Color. Deneen made them at no cost using an upcycled wrapping paper tube and burlap she already had on hand. The sweet little bunny ears bring a smile to Deneen’s face and will surely delight her guests at […Read More]

Burlap and Drop Cloth Bunny Table Runner

Over at Silhouette School, Melissa shares how to make a burlap bunny table runner inspired by Pier 1. She says it is so simple her six-year-old helped make almost the whole thing! Melissa completed the project by ironing interfacing onto the back of a piece of drop cloth and then cutting out the bunny with […Read More]

Faux Birch Wrapping Paper Placemats

Nikki from Tikkido loved the faux birch placemats from Pier 1, but they weren’t quite the size she needed. Then she saw their birch wrapping paper. Nikki says, “It’s thick, it’s textured, it’s embossed, it’s substantial.” Perfect for making placemats! Nikki was able to make an entire set of placemats for the price of one! […Read More]

Pallet Wood Mirror Makeover

On a recent scavenging trip, Joan from Scavenger Chic came home with a generously-sized 17”x46” mirror. She had a project in mind for it, but that got scrapped as soon as she laid eyes on a rustic mirror with a pallet-style frame from Pier 1. Joan knew she could recreate it with her newly purchased […Read More]

Layered Leaves Fall Placemat

Are in you the fall decorating spirit? Gail from Purple Hues and Me shares a simple dollar store craft to dress up your table for fall. Gail picked up a few packets of maple leaves from the Dollar Tree and simply glued them onto circular pieces of pleather she already had on hand. Who knows… […Read More]

Dollar Store Illuminated Twine Pumpkin

Grapevine pumpkins have become staples when it comes to fall décor. They are quite lovely with their natural look and pretty twinkling lights, but boy are they pricey!  Lisa from Recaptured Charm knew they couldn’t cost nearly as much to make as their price tags might indicate and proved it by creating her own with […Read More]

DIY Gold Bird Art

This morning I shared a DIY pinboard created by Shauna at Satori Design for Living. If you loved that touch of gold she added to her frame, here’s another gilding project from Shauna that brings on the glitz. Shauna was inspired by a tray featuring a silver leafed bird motif to create framed art with a similar look. All she did was print an image from the computer, trace it onto specialty paper, and paint it in with the gilding. I love that you could use this technique with any design you like to create fab seasonal art – leaves, pinecones, antlers… The possibilities are endless!

gold gilded bird art

{…Read More…}