Reclaimed Wood and Faucet Knob Coat Rack

faucet knob coat rack

Ananda from A Piece of Rainbow found a unique coat rack online that incorporated colorful garden hose knobs. The negative is that it was no longer available, but it gave Ananda the perfect excuse for a DIY! Ananda added her own spin by creating a pipework design on her reclaimed wood. How fun is this?!? [...Read More]

Faux Bois “Every Day I Love You” Wall Art


You can find this cute little sign in tons of stores, and although Becca at From Gardners 2 Bergers majorly loved it, she wanted to personalize it. Becca added her own spin to the design by creating the wooden frame from 1x2x8 pieces of wood and printing the text onto a transparency. By layering the [...Read More]

Gift Ideas for Dad #8: Wooden Photo Cubes

diy wood photo blocks

There is nothing that melts a dad’s heart like the sweet faces of his children, whether they are three or thirty! Julia from Stars & Sunshine created a set of wooden photo blocks for her dad that includes six different pictures of their family. I love Julia’s design that allows you to “rotate” the pictures by simply turning the cubes. This would make a fun and meaningful addition to Dad’s office, and even the kiddos would enjoy the picture “puzzles.”

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Gift Ideas for Dad #7: Leather Valet Tray

diy leather valet tray

Whether it’s a counter, dresser, or table, most men like to have a designated spot to keep their keys, wallet, and phone. Why not add some style to that tried-and-true spot with a DIY leather valet? Dabney, whose husband enjoys working with leather, shares at Apartment Therapy how easy it is to make your own valet with basically just an X-acto knife and rivets. Dad will love the functionality of it, and what says manly like leather?!?

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Gift Ideas for Dad #6: Travel Cord Roll

cord roll

Misty from Brit + Co shares a “fashionable way to roll up your cords” when you travel. Yep, that means no more pulling out a jumbled mess when you reach into your suitcase for your phone charger. Misty was inspired to create her own cord roll from a piece of faux leather by simply making some cuts with an X-acto knife and adding a snap. You can make a large one for Dad to pack in his suitcase on trip and even a smaller one for his briefcase.

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Gift Ideas for Dad #5: Toiletry Dopp Kit

diy dopp kit

Today I am going to share a couple of gifts for the traveling man. The Cottage Mama Lindsay decided it was time to replace the Dopp kit her husband had been using since he was thirteen. For reals – thirteen! Lindsay created a tutorial for sewing your own boxy Dopp kit, which sounds manly and looks manly thanks to the suiting fabric she chose. This is perfect place for Dad to quickly throw all his toiletries for a trip or even just for everyday storage.

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Gift Ideas for Dad #4: Wooden Cooler Stand

DIY cooler box stand tutorial by birdsandsoap

This morning I shared a DIY giant Jenga game that would be a blast for outdoor entertaining and family cookouts. How much would Dad enjoy having a handmade cooler stand filled with his favorite beverages on hand during the game? Jenny from Birds and Soap followed plans from Ana White to build one for her hubs last Father’s Day. It boasts a bottle opener, drain, casters, and even bottle caps Jenny’s sweet hubby saved for her crafting. As Jenny says, it is the “coolest” gift you can give Dad!

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Gift Ideas for Dad #3: Giant Outdoor Jenga Game

giant jenga

If you’ve been around any of my sites, you know I come from a game-loving family. So when I came across the idea for a giant Jenga game, I was instantly sold. Emma from A Beautiful Mess felt the same way after playing for the first time at a friend’s house and immediately came home to build her own set. As she says, it is a pretty easy and inexpensive project – just cut some boards, sand them smooth, and then paint them if you want to. This would be a gift that keeps giving for Dad as your family enjoys giant Jenga competitions outside all summer long!

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